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Show Up

This weeks been a week of intense unravelling, the energy of the world is shifting faster than we’ve ever shifted before. And it’s a good thing, But just because it’s a good thing doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing.

A lot of us have being doing the work for a while now and this is another part of the process, just this time it doesn’t just affect ourselves, it affects the whole collective.

Part of the work I’ve been doing in the last few months is challenging myself to understand if I’m showing up fully in every part of my life, and the issues that have come to the forefront this week have made me delve even deeper into that question, and the honest answer once again is NO.

Showing up is how we do the work, being totally true to ourselves is how we do the work, as a child I was an activist, always having something to say and always standing up for the person that didn’t have the voice, and then somewhere in the midst of it all I lost that voice, my confidence and found myself desperately trying to please, in doing so I stopped sticking up for the people that needed it and I started to “fall into line”, realising this this week has been a huge unearthing, a lot of regrets and shame, but more than anything it’s reminded me of who I am at the core.

One thing that’s helped me to do this is part of a course I’m doing, and I’ve popped the worksheet up on my links in my bio, if you want to really dig into how you are showing up in every part of your life, this worksheet really gets you thinking.

It may be about your points of view but it’s also about the clothes you wear to the food you eat, are you fitting in or actively being YOU, are you standing UP or falling into line?

When I did this worksheet I realised where I wasn’t being true to myself, and that in my opinion is where so many of us have got in a muddle, so desperate to be liked by the masses we’ve lost ourselves, our voice and our fire along the way.

Here’s the link



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