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The art of play

Something that came up in our moon circle last Friday was making time for recovery.

We had a beautiful group of women who all loved filling their days with things they enjoyed, they work hard, and love the buzz of doing.

There was a time I would have deeply encouraged that we all take time to stop, but after stopping for a very long time with illness I have come to realise there are many other ways to recharge too, and sometimes stopping totally isn't always the best or only option.

At the moment we are all going through a time where our nervous system is being put through the mill an so the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion is running deep. But if you're a person who doesn't feel they can go and sit in a field in silence for very long, or maybe you have a life that can't actually fit that in, with young children that require keeping entertained and life to live then the other way to make sure our nervous system is allowed to recharge and restore is through the art of play.

Time spent with no agenda

As we talked on Friday we recognised that we all had made our play something more, it had turned into a path of healing, work, goals, or achievements and what used to be time spent with no agenda had turned into something with a plan.

All good, but we had lost the moment of play.

Our systems can only recharge when we really allow ourselves to go offline and off plan, where we can play.

As someone who finds play fundamentally difficult, this notion is in itself a challenge for me, but then when I heard it defined as time spent with no agenda I realised it could be anything, a walk in the woods, a game of "down on one knee" outside, a board game, stupid tv, following my daughter as she wanders from one plant to another in the garden with no where to get too, slowing doing the house chores with no limit on time or agenda, eating delicious food, having a cup of tea whilst day dreaming.

Play is purely time spent away from the hamster wheel, time to allow the mind to drift and not think about how something could become or where something could go.

Over the past few weekends we've made space for fun, doing something we all enjoy and with no time limit, we leave our phones behind and go on mini adventures, we talk, breathe, move and have no agenda other than to be together. I can honestly say I've never felt healthier, happier and clearer in my mind, our stress levels drop and our hearts feel full.

This is play.

What can you add into your week this week that has no agenda, that's just play to you?

Megs xxx

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