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The art of slowing

We’re currently in a situation where people’s usual schedule has been ripped up and life has become a tad slower.

For some diaries have been wiped and they suddenly find their day empty, for others it’s the hobbies that they would normally do, that they find have dropped away.

This leaves us with spaces in our lives that would normally be filled with stuff, and from that we’re called to slow.

And there is an art to slowing, I watch from a distance as people scramble to fill the time, or at least try to maintain control of something that is slowly slipping through their fingers.

As a yoga teacher I watch everyone diving online, I being one of them, but also having a history of being online. Manu teachers who have never put a camera on themselves whilst they practice rushing to work out how to make technology work. And yes I can see why, our normal has been changed.

But deciding how your new normal is going to look from a state of fear has its risks; making decisions from the busy mind, the panicked mind isn’t always the place to make those decision from, especially when they potentially affect the rest of your life.

Whats guaranteed is that where we find ourselves isn’t short term, it’s not going to blow over in a week or two, it’s a long process and taking time now to feel what’s best for you will mean you have far more chance at making the aligned choice with your soul that will be able to be sustained in the long run.

For some, I understand that we have to scramble to save our business, that it feels urgent, but what if we took a breath, even an evening to shut off from the energy of fear and to feel what is really bubbling inside.

The art of slowing is learning to notice when the monkey mind kicks in, when the thoughts become escapisms rather than helpful conversations, when we feel like we need to jump because sitting still is hard, uncomfortable or scary. The art of slowing is allowing ourselves to work through these emotions like we’re unravelling the layers before we make the next move, watching the “ifs, buts and maybes” fall away.

When you step into a state of unravel, and you allow yourself to fully let go of the structure that once held you to a certain path you start to see what really calls you, what you miss, what you don’t miss, what you dream of, and what you’re glad to be rid of. And from there you can start to build hour new norm.

So what I’m saying is, take some time, if your diary is suddenly empty, if you suddenly have moments of space in your day that you didn’t have before, try to resist the urge to rush and fill these slots, making yourself busy in a different way.

Let yourself unravel a little first, let your “usual” slip away, go take a bath, or doodle in a diary, let the prices of slowing begin.

You never know, you may find a whole new way of living that is closer to your soul than you ever believed.

This is your time to delve, your time to listen in, your time to slow.

I will share my tips on slowing, over the next few weeks. Hopefully helping you to find your truth below this messy confusion



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