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The Guilt of Taking Time

Oooosh this is a one! Feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves! Anyone else relate?

The guilt of saying, guys I’m going to do my yoga now, or placing our needs above others for a moment in the day.

This is a constant struggle for me, I grew up with amazing hard working parents that worked 7 days a week running their own business, work was life, and this rubbed off. Stopping, taking time wasn’t an option, and so I learnt that was the way.

Fast forward and I’m now the mother, struggling with the guilt of slowing, but I refuse to let that guilt stop me for demonstrating to my daughter that yes hard work is important but so is taking time, taking time to do the things you love, to rest when you need to, to practice yoga because it makes you feel good, to dance and laugh and enjoy life.

When we allow the guilt to stop us from taking time for ourselves, we pass the message out to the world that we are not of value, that we don’t deserve what we are willing to give to others.

This is not a lesson or an energy I want my daughter to learn, I want her to grow up and know that she is worthy, that she can value herself and her time and that she can take some time each day to do the thing she loves, to feel good and it’s not all about the ‘busy’. Are you good at taking time for yourself? Do you feel guilty about that time?

This is our time to break the cycles we’ve learnt and start over, to unravel the binds that hold us into the unhealthy patterns and build a new way, and it can start with something as simple as taking a few moments each day for YOU.

@therestgirl calls it RADICAL REST and yes to take time for you can feel very radical, but it’s the best gift we can give ourselves and ultimately the next generation.


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