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When you become stuck

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The vibration of energy that we hold inside is also the vibration of energy that we send out to the world.

Put super simply, if we think negative thoughts we send negativity out, and sure enough negativity arrives right back into our laps. If we think positive thoughts, positivity glows from us and positive things happen around us and too us.

The start of this year for a lot of people has felt a bit “meh” And it’s time for a reset.

And the place we can reset is in our way of thinking, by doing this everything around us will shift. It’s time to see ourselves from a different angle and get out of being stuck.

Most people know I’m a new mum, and with it comes very little sleep. As I was mucking they horses out yesterday I realised that my lack of sleep had caused me to become unaware of the narrative I was creating in my head and also around me.

The easy way I slipped into “moaning“ was frightening, and my constant frustration at being tired was just pulling me down.

For me tiredness has more of a story behind it, and that’s for another day, but what I realised in that moment was I was back living in my fear self, fearful of the tiredness, fearful of becoming more tired and therefore I’d become miss negative nelly, moaning about the smallest of things and trying to make them change but what I’d forgotten was “it all starts within”!!

In order for us to change our external we need to change our internal patterns, if we’re constantly seeing negativity and hardship, we actually send that out to the universe as a request for more, you know those days that start off “badly” and get worse! It’s the constant playing record of “god this is a bad day” that causes us to have more bad luck.

When we start to consciously change our internal thought patterns, look for positive energy and think positively we start to shift from fear to love, and we start to attract positive things.

I worked hard to live like this for many years, but here’s a lesson in its self, if you don’t work at it it easily shifts back, and with some sleep deprivation, focus on another mini human and not being tuned into myself I was back there quicker than you could say....heartbeat!

It all starts within, and so I walked into the kitchen yesterday and said out loud “NO MORE” a real line in the sand, I’m fed up of feeling negative, that’s not my bag, I’m switching it around.

So I’m back, feeling super grateful for this incredible life, actively looking for the positives that are around me and happening to me and checking my narrative....

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, what narrative are you using? How can you look at it differently and see it with a higher vibration? How can you start to live in your higher vibration?


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