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Why I'm not scrolling

Some of you may have noticed I've been a bit quite on the old social media over the past few days, and I thought I'd hop on here and explain why.

I've been taking some time to look at every part of my life, to simplify and reduce energy outlay, I spoke recently in one of the moon ceremonies about energy leakages and how it was very easy to say we have to fill our cup up, but if our cup has holes in it, it very easily turns into an empty cup again.

So we don't have to just focus on doing the things that make us feel good, we also need to look at where in our life there are energy leakages, some things we have to do that make cause us to feel drained, but other things we have a choice in doing.

With my recent re-diagnosis, I'm especially looking at where I can save brain energy, and screen time is one massive area of energetic leakage that i think we just accept now a days, but it's an area for me that I do have a choice in.

At the beginning of the year I took some time away from social media and loved it, but when lockdown came and my teaching went online I felt the 'need' once again to have an online presence, like I cannot be successful without Instagram! And I do really appreciate Instagram for allowing me to connect with amazing women and build a community, but I have to admit, I also find it totally exhausting, and coupled with that i am also addicted!

This is a realisation that I have had recently, like an addict to anything i would sell myself the story of how I needed it, how it wasn't that bad and how it had to be part of my life. But slowly I've been waking up to the realisation that it doesn't do me any good health wise, and the implications of that far out weigh the benefits I gain from it.

So I've stopped scrolling, I've deleted the apps from my phone, and like any addict I've gone cold turkey. In just a couple of days my screen time has more than halved and my brain fatigue has diminished, my headaches have lessened and the feeling of space has come back, I've picked up more books, and listened to music, I've become aware of how many times I mindlessly pick up my phone and now with nothing on it I consciously put it back down. But most of all, I've reached out to friends and loved ones in a more personal way, had longer conversations and caught up with the truth of what's going on and not what has just been shared on the little boxes that we assume are life!

And most of all I haven't missed it.

I'm not saying to everyone that they must give up social media, but if you are addicted like I am, or if you are constantly feeling exhausted, headachy, brain fatigued, overwhelmed or just don't feel like you have enough time to do the things you really want, give yourself a detox, delete the apps for a few days and see how it makes you feel, because, we can tell ourselves all the reasons in the world as to why we have to be on it...but our health and well being is more important than anything.

All my love


If this resonates with you or you feel like someone else needs to hear this, please forward it to them, if you want weekly thoughts and to stay connected but in a more meaningful way, my focus and energy will be now into this blog, my podcast and my weekly emails so subscribe to any of those. Your help in sharing my words is the biggest gift of all.


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