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EDIT: I am now booked up until Chritsmas so any assesments brought this Dec will be looked at in January 



Let me help you with your riding position and the biomechanics of how you work with your horse, unpick the issues you may be having and give you ways in which to imporve at a faster pace than you would do in any "normal" lesson.


If you have been struggling with something in your riding or with your horse for example; not achieveing a certain transition, or struggling to get your left half pass, feeling like you horse always cuts the corner, or knowing you legs move far too much, this rider assesment will help you with all of that and so many more problems that we all have. The rider assesment helps where working alone trying to figure it out or even under a coach in real time and you just can't seem to find the pieces of the puzzle to fit.


How it works…


You video yourself riding and include


* riding straight towards the camera in all paces from both reins

* Riding away from the camera in all paces from both reins

* Riding 20m circles in all paces on both reins

* General riding

- if wanting to work on your flatwork maybe a video of a dressage test you’re practicing or a general session in the school

- if you’re working on jumping, a video of you jumping a single fence/grid from behind and the side and a video of you jumping a course


Send the video/s to me via WhatsApp with an explanation of what you would like me to focus on for this session


I will then watch the videos and dissect them to pull out where I can see biomechanical issues that may be causing the problems you want to work on, I will then provide you with


* an in-depth explanation of what I see

* A exercise routine that will help with what you want to improve

* A ridden exercise routine to focus on as you ride


If this is something you would like


To get the most from this package you would be advised to be an Academy member, this is because your homework and further follow ups with be directly linked with the content within the academy.


Once you have booked


What’s app me 07875 313209 with your videos and the details of what you would like me to look at/what you ware struggling with, I will look at your videos etc. and we will then book a 30minute video call to go through with you what I can see, I will then right up a report on what I find, with exercises that would benefit you.


When will you get the assesment back


Due to how many I received turnaround time is currently about 3 weeks. I like to give everyone I receive the focus it deserves and not too rush them.


If however you do need a quick 24hr turnaround because you’ve got a competition coming up or a coaching session extra you can add the fast track option to your basket too and I will get your assesment back within 24hrs of receiving the videos.

Virtual Rider Alignment & Biomechanics Assessment

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