Dressage Horse

Audio Lessons

These are lessons you can listen to in a headphone whilst you ride. Each lesson will have a detailed discription of what it is about and if there is a floorplan that needs to be set up there will be a link to a picture of this, so you can get organised before you ride.



The Audio Lessons come in the form of a private podcast all you need to do is copy this link, open up your app that you get your podcasts from, i.e Apple Podcasts or the like (Spotify unfortunately doesn't support private podacsts) and the click the button at the top of library page, in apple podcasts this is the 3 dots at the top right, there is then a drop down menu with "Add a show by URL...." click this and then add the copied link into the space provided.

This then means every episode that is released will automatically drop into your podcast feed so you won't have to go looking for it.

This link is for paying members of The Online Riding Club, please do not share it with anyone else.