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Rider Assessment

Hi Sophie,

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17th July
Rider Assessment 2023


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Session Summery

From todays session the main thing I would like to focus on is unlocking your left side to help you match your horses movement with more ease as well as helping them to balance through the turns.

As I explained our muscles can become a bit stuck through moving in a certain way, weather its past injury related or just habitual patterns we do sometimes our muscles get locked short and then become hard to bring back on the grid.

With this in mind, unmounted work will really help youth activate and restore the movement and strength to the left side.

I would advise the following classes to help you, don't feel you need to do them all at once, my recommendation is you try and do 5-10 minutes a day and then to do a couple of longer sessions each week, (maybe on your horses day off) this helps keep the neuropathways open to new movement and you will find quicker gains.

Correct alignment, to start with making sure you understand what correct alignment feels like I would do these sessions:

Longer class for this:

Let's really understand what the deep core is... (found in the core and contact section of the academy)


Ribcage rotation

Longer sessions:

1) Working on our central region, releasing the side body and shoulders to help us with a soft contact and relaxed mind (core and contact section)

2) Mobilising the ribcage (core and contact section)

Left Hip, bringing the left side into action

Quick daily doses for this:

Below is a video explaining the canter seat a bit more