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Ready to bring more knowledge, guidance and support into your riding experience?

The Aligned Rider Academy is now open for enrolment, and a space is waiting for you to join this ever growing community.

+ if you introduce a friend you will get a bonus riders assessment worth £30 so you can really focus your work on what you need

If your friend joins before the end of May

What is the academy?


The academy is my membership platform that is born from a need for a place of every day riders to gather and find the help and support that we so desperately crave. 

In the academy is where the soul of my work is placed, it's a hub for all my content, lessons, webinars and writing, where you as a member can go and find the help you need for the issue you've been struggling with in your riding.

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“Being a member of the Aligned Riding Academy has been like having an instructor in your pocket. Well you can have Meg in your ear for audio lessons, on your laptop for Equistretch sessions, or in your car for a podcast. Meg is approachable and supportive, no question is stupid and there’s even an online book club! Such value for money and everything supports move better and ride better. Xx"

Alexa Young, CA

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have been working on something in your riding for a long time but haven't felt much progress?

You feel like there is more to know but can't seem to find the coach or help around you?

You are on your own with your horse and want more of a community that thinks in a way that ignites your passion for learning?

You feel you need more support around your riding but can't seem to access this where you are either due to confidence, location or finances?

You have been having a lot of lessons but still feel like you don't fully understand what you're being asked to do?

You're recovering from injury and want to rehab in a way that's biomechanically healthy and also good for your riding?

You want to do more unmounted work to help your riding but are not sure how or where to start?

If so, this is the place for you...


I just wanted to say how much I have learned in such a short time in the Academy,  and to thank you for such an amazing learning experience


I've been riding my current horse for 7 years and up until 8 months ago I was in weekly lessons (with a dressage judge as my coach) without much improvement over the years


I've been struggling with my position for as many years 


I've previously done other online courses to help with my riding but nothing compares or comes close to your knowledge and details in teaching through proper biomechanics 


I cannot tell you how much I've improved already ( in only one month) and how much better my horse is going under saddle now


From the Equestretch classes to the Audio lessons, webinars, yoga and balance board lessons ( that I have to try) to the Courses in the  Academy, I do not know of a more comprehensive program.  Your knowledge of biomechanics and your fun demeanor has been such a relief to finally getting improvement in my riding 


I've been searching for this for years and can finally say I have found the perfect program in your Academy 


Thank you so much