Do you want to improve your riding?

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your schooling?

Are you a riding coach that wants to have more tools to teach with?

The Online Riding Club is a hub of information for you to be able to excel in your riding at home, whether you have in-person coaching or you're on your own needing inspiration, The Online Riding Club is a place where you will find support between your training sessions, a place to go to get schooling ideas, to download audio lessons that you can ride along to and improve you and your horses way of going, a place where you can join a community of riders wanting to improve themselves for the sake of their horses.

"If we move better, our horses move better - whole horse, whole rider approach"

  • Online Riding Club

    Every month
    An online riding club for the everyday rider
    • Live Online Equistretch - weekly class improve your riding
    • 7 x 5 - 10 min daily stretch sessions to improve your riding
    • New Audio Lessons dropped every week in private podcast
    • New Schooling Ideas released every week for flat & jump
    • Access to full Equistretch Archive
    • Access to over 170 yoga & meditation classes taught by Meg
    • Your own App to help you access all content at the yard
    • Private Instagram Account to connect and share
    • First access to all courses, clinics and camps
    • 30% off ALL in-person classes with Meg
    • All online classes are recorded & added to the library
    • And so much more to come.....
The Online Riding Club logo from Meg Parkinson Equestrian Coach, Rider Biomechanics Specialist