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My superpower is helping riders to understand what is happening and how to help themselves improve

Here's how we can work together so that you can bridge the gap between where you are right now in your riding and where you want to be......

The free stuff

My aim in life is to make this information and knowledge as easily accessible to everyone who wants to hear it, and so this means I love to spread the word through two main channels....

My flagship membership


The Aligned Rider Academy

My flagship membership is the place to begin your deeper dive into the world of rider biomechanics, rider fitness and movement, having me as your coach and being part of the most awesome community.

In the academy we take the idea of an online learning space to the next level, with an app to make all of the content easy to access you will never be left alone with no support.

Enrolment is currently open

“If we move better our horses move better”

Improve your riding from home, using my experience and qualifications as not only a equestrian coach but also yoga teacher and movement specialist I teach online exercise classes specifically aimed at riders so that you can work on improving your riding out of the saddle as well as in, these classes are called my equistretch classes and are held Mondays & Thursdays at 8pm on zoom

Academy members join for free and all classes are recorded then added to the academy archives so you can catch up, watch back at any time

Horseback Riding

Your Own Rider Alignment assessment

Are you having a specific issue with your riding? Maybe a positional issue or a way of going that you just can't seem to get to the bottom of?

Buying one of my Rider Alignment Assessments is a great place for you to find the answers you have been craving.

This is my "dip your toe in the water" offering for the more bespoke sessions, I have spent over 20 years working with riders positions and helping them get the best from themselves and their horses. Working with beginners through to professionals, I love to dive into the detail of why things are happening and what is causing it, along with giving you the tools to correct and improve, this is all about empowering you with knowledge and understanding.


virtual coaching

I can coach you wherever you are In the world

One thing that grew when the world went into lockdown was the ability to coach and learn virtually, and that also goes for activities like riding. No need to only pick from the coaches that are located around you, you can now be taught by coaches from all around the world, and this is a key offering of mine. With clients from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, and of course Europe and the UK I am used to coaching across time zones, to riders at all different levels, I happily work alongside you local coach too.

If you want the extra support of having someone right there in the moment I can offer you this, making real time corrections and helping you to find your best self on board. All you need is a good internet connection, and a pair of bluetooth headphones. You don't need a fancy pivot, if you have one it's a bonus but I'm perfectly used to being propped up on the side of an arena too!

The session is fully recorded and you get the recording plus a write up of the session in the following days, this means you can watch back over, remind yourself of things you may have forgotten and gain even more from our hour.

in - person coaching



This is one of my most bespoke offerings, with only a few available each quarter these are hard to come by. A chance to get me in your arena and let me help you.

If you struggle with the virtual world and want the traditional hands on experience I have a select few slots for this to happen.


Held in my personal studio on our farm in Suffolk, a private session will allow me to help you through all sorts of issues, from injury rehab to rebuilding fitness and everything in-between. I have worked with many riders to help them achieve the best from their riding, but I have also worked with many humans helping them resolve chronic pain, rehab from injury or pregnancy to a place where they can live their dreams once more.

Barley Fields
Barley Fields

make a day of it

If you're a little further away but still want a bespoke in-person experience you can pick and mix your sessions to make a day or half day of coaching, here on the farm and maybe stay for some lunch.

I love to host individuals or groups for an intensive period of coaching, theres nothing better in my opinion than getting really into the details and covering a huge degree of knowledge where you leave here having had some mammoth epiphany moments.  We can mix up what we do from private equistretch sessions to a rider assessment where we have a cup of coffee and I go through your videos with you live, so you can ask questions and get demos as we unpick what's happening, if a group of you want to come we can have a days workshop where we work as a team and cover all your desires, answer questions etc.

Coming soon, you'll be able to bring your horse too

What about a clinic ?

Want the full experience over a course of an intensive few days, you can book me for a clinic, if you have a group of riding friends and a venue and you want me to come and host a clinic with you then this is a great way to soak up all the information you can with a focussed few days on and off your horse.

I am happy to discuss any location in the world so drop me an email 

If you are interested in this contact me directly

for full details and costs

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