Yoga For Your Cycle

Welcome to yoga for your cycle, this is a course that guides you through your energetic cycle. You do not need to have a monthly period to be able to gain from this course,I have designed it that it works with your energy rather than with a physical thing that is happening. It runs to a 28 day cycle which also matches the moon so can be followed with the moon if that feels better for you.

Day 1 is the first day of either your bleed, or the day you feel the most exhausted in your energetic cycle. Please take a look at the welcome video and also the extra course content that goes along side the practices as this will enhance your experience of the cycle and allow you to really honour and track your energy.

I have designed this so that it is repeated on each cycle, the fact that you will repeat the same sessions means you can sink further and further into their benefits as you get used to them, but it also is interesting when we show up for this course a second and third time, each cycle brings new awakenings, new focuses and different callings from within, so although the physical practice is the same for that day of the cycle, you will find that your experience of it will change each time.

Menstruation or Winter

This is stage is the beginning, it either starts on day one of your bleed or the day you feel most exhausted in your energetic cycle. If you are unsure of this you can use the moon as you initial guide so you would start this on the day of the New Moon.

Because the focus of this phase is to clear the blood/old energy out of the body, it is important to support your body through this elimination process. You may feel more tired than usual and have cravings for things like red meat or chocolate. These cravings are usually your body speaking and asking for iron-rich and magnesium-rich foods. If you are someone who suffers from premenstrual syndrome or painful menses, it may be ideal to start seed cycling on the first day of your period. Seed cycling is a simple system whereby you consume different seeds at different times of the month to support the endocrine system to balance hormones.

TO SEED CYCLE: Start at the follicular phase of your cycle. Simply take 1 tablespoon of either fresh ground flax seed or pumpkin seed daily from day 1 of your cycle to day 14. This will inhibit the production of excess estrogen and improve progesterone levels, whilst boosting omega-3 fatty-acid intake. On day 15 (luteal phase) switch to 1 tablespoon daily of either sunflower seeds or sesame seeds until the end of your cycle. Sesame blocks excess estrogen whilst sunflower seeds support the liver in the detoxification process.(Be sure to use organic, raw, freshly ground seeds.)

+ Dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, bananas and raw dark chocolate.
+ EFA rich foods like avocados, wild-caught fish, cod liver oil, hemp seeds and natto.
+ Plenty of water – half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces daily.


+ Try a cramp bark tincture – take every 15 minutes until intense symptoms subside.
+ Eliminate coffee/excess caffeine during this time, and a few days prior, if cramping tends to be aggressive.


HERBS: Replenish and restore! Drink herbal tea or infusions of red raspberry leaf and stinging nettles to help with cramping and replenish iron into the body. Magnesium and B vitamins to diminish menstrual symptoms. For sleep support, chamomile or lemon balm. Enjoy some quiet time reading a book, doing deep breathing exercises or guided meditation.

MOVEMENT: Avoid high-impact workouts during this time. Focus on walks, gentle yoga or light stretching, making sure to avoid doing inversions in yoga because they reverse blood flow.

LIFESTYLE: The body is working hard, which causes fatigue, so make sure that you are getting extra sleep – about 8-9 hours a night – and enjoying restful activities that are not strenuous. Massage just before your cycle begins is helpful for promoting circulation. It’s also important to eat warming foods and stay warm during your menstruation/winter.