Meet Meg

I'm an outdoor loving farmers wife who lives on her husbands family farm in a beautiful part of Suffolk, with our Daughter.

I've suffered from chronic illness for the past 20 years which has shaped how I see life and how I choose to live it. 

I ran my own Equestrian Centre for 15 years, starting my first business when I was 18 years old, and in 2014 whilst dealing with a particularly intense period of illness and stress I started to practice Yoga, in 2016 I qualified as a Yoga Teacher.

The combination of horses and yoga are my main source of health and well being and of course coupled with hours spent outside.

I'm a teacher and sharer of knowledge at heart, my whole adult life has been dedicated to some sort of teaching and I also just love to learn. 

Horses & Me

A Qualified Senior Riding Coach since 2002 I've dedicated my life to helping people find their best selves, understanding their body and how to use it in ways to succeed.

I owned and ran my own Equestrian Centre for 15 years where we focused on the whole picture, exploring the riders body awareness, emotional awareness and of course riding techniques. I trained children and adults through their Pony Club and British Horse Society exams, as well as coaching and competing myself to Advanced Dressage, National Showing & Novice Level Eventing.

I love teaching and sharing knowledge, but I also love to learn. I'm constantly looking deeper into the 'why'.

I took a break from coaching riding whilst I dealt with my own health issues, got married and had a baby.

Whilst on that break though I continue to ride myself, and also expanding my knowledge. 

More recently I have been studying how the tools and techniques from yoga can benefit horse riders, from the physical aspect of wellbeing and positional alignment to the mental aspect of emotional awareness when we work with these sensitive animals.

I now offer Private Coaching sessions, either at your yard on your horse, or off the horse and on the mat where we focus on your own position, how it affects every part of the horses way of going, the biomechanics of the rider, the understanding of this connection and how to best develop your skills. 

I use video analysis a lot so you can see what you're doing, I use a mixture of body awareness, the franklin method and a melting pot of other techniques I have developed over the years for you to find your best.

Yoga & Me

In 2014 I started to practice yoga as a way to de-stress. My mum had practiced yoga for most of my life and I'd heard that it had the tools to be able to relax you.

I was going through a particular intense period of my life with my health conditions flaring up and a lot going on I knew I needed a way to unwind, most other 'exercises' hadn't given me this and so when feeling at my lowest i found my way to yoga.

Over the years yoga has enabled me to find peace with my health, start to heal myself from inside out, deal with trauma and of course teach me how to live in a slower more relaxed way.

I have learnt to remove myself from the chronic stress I was living in and find a balance in my life that has enabled me to overcome many challenging situations.

Because of how powerful yoga was to me I wanted to be able to share this with others, so I studied to become a yoga teacher and qualified in 2016.


Over the years I have continued to study and deepen my practice creating a style of practice that will dis-connect you from the chaotic world and connect you back to yourself.


Depending on my time of month, what mood I'm in and what I need my own practice is an eclectic mix of scientific based and spiritual exploration.


I have always been a watcher of humans and animals, and yoga allows me to really lean into this, my practice helps me explore life through what comes up on the mat, the habits and thoughts I notice, the awareness or lack of that I find as I move through the postures.

Yoga has not only aided me with my own physical and mental health, but also with my connection to others and my animals. The asana side of the practice has made me a more balanced, stronger, effective and compassionate rider and the breathwork has allowed me to relax when I'm faced with nerves or stress so that I don't pass it onto my horses.  

Health & Me

In 2000 I became ill, suffering from seizures, migraines, severe weakness, dizziness, and a fatigue that caused me to be unable to speak or move without help.

I spent a few years bouncing in and out of hospital with spells of these symptoms flaring up, but when I was between the flares, I was well. I'm so blessed to have had the support of my family and friends and this allowed me to continue to run my business even through the times where I was incredibly ill.

We now know my symptoms were caused by a head injury that I had when I was 16, concussion and brain injury wasn't really known about then and I continued to do everything I could when I was well, I subsequently had many more head injuries and now we see that this prolonged my illness for many years. I was initially diagnosed with m.e. and have spent 20 years managing my symptoms, in 2020 I was re-diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome, an illness that is caused by the brain not fully healing after concussive trauma.

My health has inevitably shaped my life, but I see this as a good thing, being chronically ill and forced to slow down at times it has made me have to see life through different lenses. I have had to learn to release control, to see moments of health as gifts to be taken advantage of and on the flip side, know that if my body needs to rest then I must listen.

Most recently since having my daughters my mental health has been a bit more in the focus, as with a lot of mums I felt the transition to motherhood keenly and the loss of my initial 'freedom' hit me harder than I ever expected.

This has again shaped how I manage my life and view time spent taking care of myself. I am a person who loves to give and this recent bout of mental health along with learning to be a mother has really taught me the art of boundaries.

My health and the lessons I learn from it on a daily basis help shape my teachings, I hope to hand on what I wish I had known before and help others out of the darker places we can find ourselves in.