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BHS Senior Coach

Compasionate Equestrian Coach

Conscious Equitation Coach


For 15 years I owned and ran a BHS Equestrian Centre, training students through their BHS and Pony club exams.


The time came to put my focus into my family and our farm, this meant selling the business and relocating to my husbands family farm. In this time I've taken a break from coaching riding to start a family and enjoy horses as a hobby once more. I temporarily hung up my competition boots for a couple for years after fulfilling my childhood dream of competing at Olympia in 2016 and gave myself some time to play. 

Over the years I have competed to Advanced level dressage, competed at many county shows in Show Hunters, Coloured Ponies and Veteran classes and qualified horses for the national finals in both dressage and showing.

I have coached others not only in flatwork but in show jumping and eventing, and helped riders up to intermediate Eventing level as well as trained people through their BHS exams, horse owner certificates, pony club tests and much more

My love has always been in the detail, be it horse care or riding I love to understand the whole picture and pass this onto the people I am coaching. I love connecting dots, getting people to look at not only the horse but themselves and working with the whole partnership and not just one side.


When working with riders and their own horses I love to strip it back and build the connection and pieces as a whole. This is where we can build the strongest partnerships and find the biggest gains. 

Using all the knowledge I have gained over many years of riding myself and training hundreds of others I bring in methods from both the traditional and natural horsemanship world, I bring in body awareness methods from yoga, the franklin methods and many more. Finding the best way for the rider and of course the horse.

When I work with riders I also give bespoke off horse exercises that I have found help improve the rider so much quicker and means that progression is seen at a greater pace. See here for more details on this.

My aim as a coach is to give you the tools to be able to grow.

If this interests you then please send me an email, I'm happy to come out to you and please check out my charges for this here. I have a studio at our farm where I can solely work off the horse and help you with positional issues, and I can also work via zoom for those at distance.


Please send me an email or message if you are interested in working with me.

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