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This is a chance to get your virtual coaching sessions at a reduced rate due to buying them as a bundle. Once you have brought this contact Meg 07875 313209 to set up your bookings for your sessions.


A great gift for someone you love or just a way to hold yourself accountable to your own developement.


So how does it work?

The beauty of virtual coaching is I can help you anywhere in the world, you don’t have to travel your horse and you don’t need to be close to me to get my eyes on your riding and input into your improvement. 


Not just that though, when you have a virtual session with me I record your session, this is a fabulous extra that doesn’t always come with IRL coaching, it means you can go back and watch it time and time again, when your relaxed and your mind is ready to absorb all we did. This stops that “How did we do that?” question pop up in your head 3 days after the session.


I also take time afterwards to write down a debrief of the session, with recommendations and areas to focus on, so you can take some time to really focus your work afterwards, meaning you super charge your improvement.


But I can’t see how this is as good as real life?

To some virtual just feels distant, but I promise you it’s not, We have a camera (phone or laptop) set up in the arena, if you have a pivo or something like that that’s a bonus, or get a friend to hold the camera and listen in too so they can learn as well (works very well if you share your horse as then you’re both on the same page). You then have a bluetooth ear bud or headphone in, (and maybe your camera buddy does too) so you can hear me loud and clear as I’m right in your ear.


And off we go, to this date I’ve coached dressage riders in Kenya, America and Canada, leisure riders in America, Australia and of course the UK.


Due to me not having to travel, this is the cheapest way to get a one - one session with me and I would argue just as valuable.

10 x Virtual Coaching Sessions Bundle

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