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During the unmounted session based at my studio in Hoo, Suffolk, we will focus on your rider alignment, posture, and balance while in the saddle, as well as addressing any issues or injuries you may be rehabbing from.


The Equistretch component of the session will help to increase flexibility and strength, ensuring that you are able to move with your horse more effectively and comfortably.


If you are looking to improve your riding or recover from an injury, this tailored In Person Rider Alignment & Equistretch Session is the perfect opportunity to receive personalized attention and guidance in a one-on-one setting.


Book your session today to take your riding to the next level and enhance your overall performance and well-being in the saddle.


These sessions are £50 for 75 minutes, (you can always have shared private with a friend to half the cost)


In order to have these sessions you would be required to be an Academy member, this is because your homework and further follow ups with be directly linked with the content within the academy.


*Note, before booking this please contact me separately to organise a time that works mutually for us both, you can do this by dropping me a message 07875 313209

In Person Rider Alignment & Equistretch Session

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