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Due to the wonders of technology I can now coach you wherever you are in the world, all you need is a phone with zoom, a decent internet connection and a Bluetooth headphone and we're away.


Once we are set up, phone pointing in your direction and Bluetooth headphone in your ear I can teach you as if I was there in person, the only thing that we miss is the hands on aspect, but we find ways to work around this. 


I currently am coaching clients from all over the world and getting amazing results, in both ridden and equistretch formats.


Even through virtual coaching I have had huge breakthroughs with riders and their horses, and it's not just me that uses it, some of the top riders now access their coaches from the other side of the world using this technology so it certainly works.


In order to have these sessions you would be required to be an Academy member, this is because your homework and further follow ups with be directly linked with the content within the academy.


These slots are 60 minute slots and are £45, at the end of each session your video from the session will be uploaded to your own private page where you can look back and take even more learning from your experience. These then stay live for you to watch back for 6 months after your last session with me, allowing you to see your progress and head back to see what we did that made certain changes.


PLEASE NOTE: Before booking one of these sessions please message me on 07875 313209 or email to check that the time you want is available.

Virtual Lessons with Me - Anywhere in the world

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