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Ready to get to the bottom of what is 
really happening in your riding?

Fed up of struggling and not knowing how to improve?

You’ve come to the right place.

This is where you’ll find guidance, encouragement, and support so that you and your horse can thrive together 

Let's dive in.....



In-Person Rider Alignment clinics

Enrolment to my online academy is currently open


Improve your riding at home

If we move better our horses move better



Letters in your inbox every week to inspire, encourage, & guide you in your riding journey

For You....


Articles, guides, & resources to support you to understand & expand your knowledge as a rider and horse owner

The pod

Episodes that delve deeper into rider biomechanics to help you understand the details and how your body plays a part in your riding


Hi I'm Meg

...My Super power is to help you understand how to get the best from yourself as a rider and give you the tools to empower your riding more secrets held by the professionals!

I'm a horse addict, a mum of one human, 3 horses and 2 dogs, a farmers wife and an international coach in all things rider biomechanics. 

I know what it's like to try and fit 48 hrs into 24 and so my work starts with how we super charge our time spent training our horses and ourselves. No more wasting time trying to muddle through, I help you to clearly define what you need to focus on and give you the tools that are easy to use to achieve huge results with minimal effort.

Lets hang out on Instagram

What others say...

I love being part of the academy! Megs is so positive and a huge wealth of knowledge. The best bits are the equistretch sessions as they are so rider specific. Combine them with the articles, podcasts and audiolessons and I have seen both my ridden work and my position improve greatly. 



New Zealand

Goal Setting Workshop

Goal Setting Workshop

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