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Hi I'm Meg,

Thanks for dropping by, you may have landed here for many reasons, so here's a very short summary of me and what I'm all about.

I'm a horse obsessed, yoga practicing, country girl who lives on a farm in Suffolk with my husband and daughter muddling my way through life. We have two dogs, two horses, a lot of sheep and some cows that come and stay!

I'm a fully qualified BHS Senior Equestrian Coach who has trained riders for 20 years, I owned and ran an Equestrian Centre for 15 of those years before taking a change of direction to start our family. I coach riders on their own horses, mainly flatwork/dressage based, I focus a lot on the riders biomechanics, the relationship between horse and rider and building a deeper knowledge within the partnership. 


I'm also a qualified yoga teacher with 500hr Teachers Trainings under my belt. I mix my yoga training with my horse obsession and qualifications to help you find a balanced and connected life with your self and your horses.

To find out more about me click here

In 2022 I founded The Aligned Rider Academy a community of every day riders wanting inspiration, guidance and a safe place to share their experiences. This is years of work, coaching, training and real world experience coming together to create something that I am so passionate about. Helping riders become their best selves for not only their horses but for their own benefit.


Meg Parkinson Equitation & Equistretch Coach

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