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The magic happens in the stillness

Spending the last few days with this little man has been truly awesome. Today in our lesson we really had some huge shifts in both of our energies, I learnt to slow done and allow him space, to pause and allow time for the silence in between the notes, to let go of the need to "do" and to just be with the energy created. I've never in all my life experienced such releases from an animal in this space of silence, yawning, licking lips, sighing and general communication was such a privilege to whiteness. He taught me today to take time when I needed it too, that stillness was absolutely fine and in most cases necessary, within the stillness is where the magic really happens.

This is a lesson I can take forward into everything, it's where the silence is that the truth really can be found, the silence is where the lessons are learnt, the memories are embedded and the connection is made. To take moments, to pause and breath, to let the precious moment settle before the next one begins, to allow for the shift to happen and believing that it will. To drop the predator need to do and to adopt the prey instinct of to be in the moment .

Today I was truly present, and through this we took leaps forward in our journey, as Charlotte reminded me you'll get further by being present for half an hour than being trapped in the monkey brain for an hour, so so true and today I felt it, I dropped the guilt, I devoted my time to him, to me, to us and I felt the shift.

Thank you Alison from The Horse Place in Devon for opening my mind to even more of a relationship that I could ever have dreamed of, this truly has been life changing.

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