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Why do i always get in my own way

I've noticed recently that I'm great at getting in my own way, I decided to do something, commit to it and then the monkey brain in me places barriers and blocks.

The initial thing is that maybe I don't want to do this, but I know that's wrong as it's something I love and want to do wholeheartedly but I still get in my own way and find blocks.

Too busy to fit that in, to tired to do it today "I'll start tomorrow", and the excuses go on.

Why is this? What stops me from just doing what I set out to do? Is it guilt for doing something I want to do? Maybe! Is it fear of not achieving? Or is it lack of discipline.

Probably all three and more, what I do need to know is this is the big thing I want to focus on, the commitment to something and the building rituals and routines into my life that are for me.

Do you have a habit of getting in your own way? Stopping yourself from starting something or finding excuses for why you didn't keep it up? Let make a commitment today when that monkey brain kicks in let's notice it, and decided to not listen, go with what our heart wants and not what our brain is persuading us not to do.

Through recognising this pattern I've been able to start to change it, each day I'm feeling more like I've achieved what my soul wants and that makes me feel good, the monkey brain can stay quiet with its chitchatter and I'm going to stay committed to my goals.

Happy Sunday everyone, do something your soul wants today and don't let yourself make an excuse as to why you can't fit it in or start it, just go out there and do it.

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