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Be a pig, not a sheep

We went to the Suffolk Show today and had the best day. I realised a lot about my own personal growth whilst being there, my confidence to talk to stand holders and ask questions has massively improved, where once I would have quietly walked onto a stand or into the cattle barns grabbed a leaflet and scurried off, today it felt completely natural to stop and chat, ask questions and engage with these amazing knowledgable and open hearted people.

I also realised that being myself was the best way forward, it's very easy when you head to these big events to feel the need to fit in, this is replicated in the matching jackets, boots, gilets or latest hat that is a must have and then the whole world seems to be wearing the same.

But today I didn't feel like I needed to fit the mould, I wore what I wanted and what I felt comfortable in, and we did what we wanted rather than what was expected.

Through doing and being my whole natural true self, I spoke about yoga with so many people, I met some new and wonderful souls and I had the best day.

Thank you Harriet for being my partner in crime for the day, I had a blast.

Lesson from the show, Its time to step out of your closet of who you really are and allow yourself to shine, stop trying to be someone else and be yourself as that's the most authentic way to live your life, don't be a sheep and follow the heard, go out there and be that rogue pig running around the ring having the time of her life and not caring what others thought, don't be a sheep, be a pig.

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