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Meeting the day with an open heart

When we meet the day with an open heart anything can happen and all will be met with love and gratitude.

It's the 1st of June, the sun is shining and life feels good. When we open our heart it's not just about sending out our love, it's also about opening ourselves to receive it, how often do you give but then when someone offers you something you bat it away, maybe it's a complement or a gift, you don't feel worthy to receive, yet you're happy to give give give all day.

If this is you, focus your practice on allowing yourself to receive the good stuff too, accepting and appreciating, owning it and living it.

So open your heart not only to love others but to allow yourself to be loved too.

Opening my heart to you beautiful Yogi's this morning was so very special, you are all incredible for just showing up and giving yourself that time on your mat, thank you for practicing with me.

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