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Sometimes you just have to slow down

Recently life's been full throttle, I do it to myself, packing as much into my days as possible, which makes me feel like I'm making the most of life, getting the most for my money as they say and not leaving a moment to waste.

But really what's happening is by packing it so full, the magic is missed, the actual living is by passed and it all becomes one big blur.

I had a fall from my beautiful boy yesterday, the second accident in as many months and both were because I was rushing, rushing to get done what needed to be done but missing out on the good stuff.

I'm fine, after I made myself stop yesterday and look after my body and head, but it did make me think, why am I always rushing and what I do can be dangerous so I must stop rushing.

Today was different, we slowed down, we still got all we wanted to do done, but I removed time restraints and maybe a few jobs off the jobs list.

We ate breakfast with friends and family, we walked the dogs and enjoyed the weather, I played with my pony, I practice my yoga, we cooked supper together and we watched a film. We still did loads but we did it slowly without pressure and that's how life should be.

Mindful moments, full presence of where we are right now, not what we should be doing next.

So as I right this my goal is to schedule my life so I leave enough time to do stuff properly, not rushed or packed in, but mindfully and with steadiness.

When you do it like that the magic of life really does shine through.

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