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Finding balance....a life struggle

Finding balance in life is one of the biggest challenges I face, from over reaction to under reaction, taking someone's advice and then taking it too far, to committing to sticking to something and then becoming obsessed with it. Then there's the other side, too much work and not enough play, to much go and not enough break.

If I think about it every action or decision I make is about finding the balance, but what happens when we just switch the thought process off and just flow, follow the feel and find our way.

Without the chit chatter of the mind the balance come naturally, the body follows its instincts and life just settles into a balanced state.

It's the same with the pose, in order to balance you need to be clear in the mind and totally in the body, then the balance comes and the pose just flows.

Practicing on the mat brings balance to you externally, balance postures are my biggest demon and so is balance in my life, how does your practice mirror your external life.

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