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Outdoor Cravings

I’m craving the outdoors so much right now. I can feel winter starting to deepen getting ready to shed and bloom back to life.

It’s the darkest cloudiest days that feel the most like something is going to come from them, as nature huddles deep within drawing the energy to its core building its resources ready to shine. And before we know it spring will have sprung and new life will surround us once more.

The ever changing cycle of nature, each day so different, each day something new.

It teaches me that nothing ever stays the same, no plan is ever rigid and no point is ever the end, a constant cycle of movement, breath and life, so it’s never worth clinging on, trying to stay rigid, it’s in this need to be the same we loose the flow of life we disconnect and stress about why it’s not how we pictured it, not the same anymore. This is wasted energy, instead we need to embrace the flow, move with the changes and accept the outcomes as all that nature intends it to be.

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