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Morning Walks

Morning walks always give time for reflection and gratitude.

Reflecting on how we so easily suppress our emotions to fit into society, that even if we still manage to feel these feelings are filled down. I love watching when I see people genuinely excited and showing it, actually angry and allowing it to be seen, sad and reaching out and so happy they cry or smile so brightly.

We label emotions “good” “bad” “ugly”, boys are told they shouldn’t cry because it’s seen as too girly, in saying this girls here that being girly is bad.

And each time we suppress an emotion we lock it away, it doesn’t just disappear, it manifests itself somewhere as a behaviour, a tension, and one day it comes back up, when we least expect it and as something different something far harder to shed.

As we suppress what we perceive as negative emotions we also suppress their opposite, the good stuff, the stuff that truly lights is up.

And then we became numb, numb to life, because what’s life without feel?? Yes sometimes emotions are bloody hard, they rock your world and spy you out the other side...but if we deny them if we say “I’m fine” with a tightness in our chest and a pursed lip we can guarantee we’re just leaving something there for later.

So let’s start to feel more, let’s become badass goddesses and warriors that wear their hearts on their sleeves and show the world that it is ok to feel, that to feel emotions isn’t a weakness it’s s strength and it’s what makes us human.

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