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I bend so I don't break

Physically and emotionally, Yoga has taught me so much and one of those things is to be flexible about life.

To never hold anything as a definite and always allow it to shape and mound into something new and normally more amazing than I could ever have dreamed of alone.

Picture by SEH Photography Uk

Maintaining this bendy mindset is sometimes a struggle but in the end we can’t control it all. We can only do our best.

I find it interesting when I come up against something I want to cling to and I ask myself why? Why am I needing to control this so much?

Usually there’s a darker layer underneath and once I access that I can make the change, be more flexible and let go.

Ultimately being flexible makes us means that when the shit really hits the fan we can move and contort so we don’t snap...ask yourself, what are you holding on to that you could maybe be more flexible with? And then ask yourself why?

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