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It washes all the shit away

Someone said to me yesterday “I love it when it rains all day, it washes all the shit away and leaves everything sparkling and new”. It certainly feels like that today, with the blue skies above and the sun beating down on the freshly nourished earth it feels all clear and clean.

I’m feeling fresher than ever today, like some deep truths have been washed clean and new light shines in. As I set new intentions for this May and open my heart to what is coming I am grateful for all that is here now, for the ups and the downs, for the darkness and of course the light and I feel so connected to this earth I can feel her energy within me. This landscape is my church, it’s my place of prayer, of learning and of growth, and as I stand over the water and watch it flow I remind myself to flow with life too, to not stand in the way of changing times and to allow myself to dive deeper than before into the ocean that is life.

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