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Our lifeforce

The energy that flows inside us is our lifeforce, our beat, our rhythm. But as we go through life our energy lines get linked and blocked.

Have you ever felt that rush after a deep pose, or that feeling of cleansing after a massage. This is all energy releasing from areas of the body where it’s been blocked.

It’s like water running through a hose, but then the hose having a kink in it, the water sti...ll runs but instead of flowing it trickles....then you unkink it and suddenly boom it floods out again. Your energy within your body is destined to flow smoothly and clearly constantly, no kinks, but as we grow and life “gets in the way” links appear.

Maybe physical kinks but most likely mental kinks that manifest physically.

Slowly over the years our energy, our true self turns to a trickle and we rely on external energy to keep us going, sugar, coffee, drugs. Causing us to be more disconnected from our inner selves. The kinks get more and more and we become stiff, tight, and rigid. Not only in body but in mind. The mind then tells us stories, stories of how we can’t change, this is us now, we’re fine, it’s scary to go there, your not fit enough, strong enough, blah blah blah....this narrative only acts to keep the hose kinked.

But when re realise it is just that a narrative, a story, it’s not reality we can find the space to start unkinking our energy.

We can start to allow our energy to flow smoothly and in the direction it wants to, we can start to align with our true nature.

Yoga postures aid this unkinking, they help to open up the flow of energy once more, so when you’re in a yoga posture don’t think about its name or what it should look like, try and think about how can this open my energy lines more, how can this unkink me to help me flow again....and once you tune into that depth Yoga will open a new world of inner exploration rather than external gain. Nature is our biggest teacher of flow, it doesn’t kink, it doesn’t hold it just lives purely present and purely alive full of lifeforce and beautiful yummy energy.

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