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The Final Day

The final morning in Croatia and as always it’s been a journey.

Such fun interspersed with time to think and peak back the layers again. I predicted a change as a week away from the hussle of life always makes it easier and clearer to hear my souls song. The key now is to hold onto her words as I head back into my life, I have my mantras, I have my audio books and I have my films that now will hel...p me stay on track if I loose my alignment. When you surround yourself with like minded people there is no way you can leave the same person as you came, watching the guys on the retreat shed their stress and literally leave looking like different people, glowing a new energy and looking about ten years younger, was so pleasing to see. For me I’ve re-energised my plant based living thanks to @jenny_wren amazing cooking and the care she took so that I didn’t get ill, I’ve found an even deeper connection to Mother Earth and all she holds for us and feel my life needs to be even more aligned with helping her heal the wounds we’ve placed on her.

Most of all I’ve fallen even more in love with Yoga, and all the practice brings. This practice has allowed me to see the most amazing places and meet the most amazing people, it’s allowed me to watch people’s growth which I’m so so grateful for and has given me a self confidence which I would never have had, take this picture, whilst messing around I remembered yesterday how a year ago I would never have just put a camera on me in a public place and flipped myself upside down, I’d have been so self conscious about what others thought I’d have let the moment pass. Yoga has taught me to let go of those bonds that hold me back when I worry what others think and allow me to do my thing, live my life and know that others will follow or depart but to not hold on through fear. Yoga has taught me that each persons path is very different, and to give everyone the freedom to do their thing, even if you disagree or think they’re mad, judgement is never needed, deep understanding and love is all that’s required.

Yoga has taught me to be proud of my sensitive nature and embrace the quirky parts of me, Yoga has taught me to appreciate it all.

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