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And it returns....

My days recently have been starting back on board this little fellow.

It’s taken me two years to find the want to get back on board after leaving the horsey world as a job, I did continue riding after I sold the business but I didn’t find it easy, it felt like another job to tick off the list. So last Christmas I hung up my boots and had a year out, pottering now and again on a hack or having a bo...mb around the field but nothing regular and nothing serious. This little man had a break from his tack and I had a break from the pressure I always placed on myself to be better. After this year away from the completion world, from daily schooling and “work” I have found miracles have happened. Instead of my riding going backwards, his training and knowledge decreasing we are more together than ever. Yoga has freed my body up and also built my core strength up so when I sit I can sit so deeply, something that even after 20+ years of riding I’d never felt. I’ve dropped my stirrups two more holes and I already rode long as a dressage rider, and my hands are finally light and soft, something I always struggled with. As you can see in the pic, his ears are forward and he is happy, we move as one and it’s an addictive feeling. But not only that, after a winter in the field with no rug he lives the feeling of being brushed, he no longer pulls faces as the girth is being tightened and he is happy to be in the space of humans once more. This constant journey of de-layering myself keeps amazing me as the effects spread further afield. My sensitive little pony who always struggled with the busyness of the world even shows me that. And the best thing of all, my passion of horses that I’ve had since I was a young girl has returned, after working so hard and becoming so ill it had gone, and I was worried it would never return. But when you let go of that fear it’s amazing where you end up. _ #horsesofinstagram #riding #equestrian #horserider #horselover #ponies #dressage #equestrianyogini #equestrianyoga #equestrianlife #horsebackriding #chestnut #pony #dressagerider #yogithoughts #yogaoffthemat See more

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