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Soul connections

And then the soul resides in its true nature. Within each of us is an energy older than the bones in our bodies, deeper than the ocean and brighter than the sun. It carries the whole energy of the universe and within it attracts like minded souls. As we become more and more busy, disconnected to ourselves and drawn away from who we really are, as we become more involved in the stresses of the western world, the need to earn more, have bigger houses, smarter cars, more clothes, this energy gets covered in layers of life. These layers dim the light, masking the energy, so much so, sometimes even we forget what it really is.

But somewhere out there there is someone that feels that energy, see's the truth in you, it could be a friend, a lover, a teacher, a stranger, whoever it is they see past the layers and see who you really are. They see the energy of lifetimes that dwells inside you. They may not know it, they may not understand it, but there's a connection, a deep knowing. As you de-layer your own barriers others see it too, like a moth to a flame the same kind of energies are connected to you as you are to them. And slowly you are surrounded by a circle of beautiful souls, all shining as brightly as each other. I don't believe in there being one soul mate, I know I've met more than one. I am blessed to have a tribe around me that connect at another level, a level of vibration that's more than words, more than anything that can be explained, that sometimes feels its a million lifetimes of knowing one another's souls. When we trust that our truth is not in our mind, its not in our monkey brain, and that our real truth is in our soul, and we trust that what we look like like means nothings its what shines from us, then that's when really trust to delve deeply inwards and allow ourselves to shine like the beautiful souls that burn deep inside.

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