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Looking Back....

People say don’t look back, just keep moving forwards.

But sometime we have to look back to heal the past hurts before we can step forwards. The universe is cyclical, if we don’t break cycles they will just keep coming back in different forms. Trauma of our childhood melts and oozes into trauma of our adult life, we find were triggered by a different person essentially doing the same thing.

So we try to sort the current situation, deal with that person, but really, the truth is, we need to go right back to the start and deal with the first person, address the first situation and only when we do that can the current situation change.

That’s when the cycle is broken. That’s when we can move forwards.

I now see that, and each time I’m triggered by someone or something I ask myself what’s this signings light on from my past, what is the universe telling me I have to heal.

Sometimes it’s small stuff, most of the time it’s big fuck off stuff that I’ve locked away and hoped to never revisit again.

It’s always hard.

But when we do really sort out the past, the freedom it gives us in the now and in the future is incredible.

Suddenly the power that the original person/people took away, that has been lost for so long returns and your inner strength starts to build once more.

This was so profound to me I even got “take back your power” tattood on my side. When I finally traced back the guest the triggers to my original trauma the world made sense and the links became clear, and when I finally made peace, I really did take back my power.

And from that point on there’s been no stopping me.

So don’t be afraid to look back, as back there could be the key to moving forwards, yes it will be hard but I promise you it’s worth it, as it will give you all you ever desire and more.

Happy Friday everyone.

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