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Clarity.....I talk a lot about letting the mud settle and clarity to prevail, having the patience to wait for the stillness.

But sometimes you’re so full of everything it feels impossible, my brain has never been so full as the last few months and last week I broke, I sat and cried because I felt like my brain was going to explode.

But then my closest friends reminded me to breathe, I remembered I had to let go, let go of the need to control and trust.

When I awoke on Saturday morning there was a calmness that had enveloped me, a state of utter clarity.

I’ve never experienced such a change, I felt like I was being held and all was going to be ok. It’s amazing when you can stress about something so much but then suddenly like a wave washing over you it’s gone, clarity and calmness take hold and from that point on you just know it’s going to be ok.

Standing at the top of Scotland with my feet in the sea I reflect on the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve travelled through over the past year, years and lifetime. And right now I am blessed to feel so clear.

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