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Nature, one of the greatest teachers of all.

As I sat and watched the waves smash against the rock I was reminded of the saying that water will always find its way.

We are water in essence and if we behave like water we also will always find our way, it may not be the most obvious route, it may not be the route we planned, but eventually we will get there by adapting and changing course and maybe even smashing down a few boulders or wearing away a few rocks.

This reminded me of how life can be so ridged how we can set our minds on one thing and get so caught up on the direction we “think” we “should” be going in that we loose sight of the actual reason we’re heading there in the first place. I used to become so stressed when things didn’t go the way I had seen them, when the universe took me in another direction I used to fight it, believing it was wrong, that the vision I had was the only thing that was right, Yoga taught me to let go of this, to have an idea of where I wanted to go but to also be prepared to be flexible, to flow like water and trust that I will arrive there in the end.

This weekend be like water, flow with what’s sent your way and see where you end up

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