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Harvest time

And we start....and what a day to start.

Back home and harvest begins.

For those who are farmers and farmers OH then you’ll know that feeling, the feeling of excitement mixed in with dread and all the stomach churning emotions of a years work hopefully coming to fruition with the knowledge that if it stays dry, there won’t be much sleep, much stopping or much of anything other than tractors, moisture meters and drying bins.

But it’s the time of year when the team really does pull together, when eating becomes random and hours become mixed up. When you sit down for food at midnight and think it’s normal yet get up at 5 to start again.

Harvest for me is a chance to feel the farm and the earth giving all she has so we can live, and for us it’s about being grateful for it all.

It’s about managing stress levels and keeping people fed and most of all supporting the guys doing the work.

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