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Its not about knocking the men

Theres a lot of talk about the rise of the feminine and "too much masculine" and it can easily feel like people are knocking the beautiful males of our species. It can feel even as a women that people are telling the men to sit down shut up and let us get on with it. But its not about that, in every human being there is a feminine side and a masculine side, a different kind of energy that sits within us all, and for years the feminine energy has been suppressed even dismissed.

We know this by how boys are told never to cry, to feel their emotions, to 'man up' and how women are labelled as weak, too emotional and too sensitive.

But what the earth is crying out for is a balance, a balance of these energies, for such a long time we've lived out of balance, causing the destruction of our resources and also an epidemic of ill health and depression.

But what if we owned both sides of us, whether we are a man or a women what if we were allowed to show both types of energy, a women being strong without being a bitch and a man showing emotion without being a wimp.

We are being called to allow our feminine energy to rise as for so long its been suppressed, we are being called to connect with the female energy within us and be proud of that, to not see it as a weakness that needs to be kicked out of our being but embrace the two sides of us all that mix and intertwine to form our nature.

So when we talk about allowing the feminine to come through, to connect with your SHE power, to delve deep into the emotion of the female, don't see it as only women who can do this, don't even see it as a certain type of women, this is why we've come to where we are with society, gender types and segregation. See it as embracing your whole human experience, your whole self and not allowing yourself to reject a part of you that forms your being.

Its funny because even in readings I do in class I find that if the reading is about SHE power and men are in the class that I am going to reject them, but if the reading is mentions a him it doesn't worry me that the women are going to feel ostracised as we have grown up with the masculine in our language being used to refer to both sexes. So instead of avoiding the she I'm going to delve into it even more, I'm going to draw her out.

I sat in my masculine for so many years, rejecting my feminine as I was told so often I was too sensitive, weak and emotional, I saw it as a bad thing, a thing that wasn't going to allow me to become anything, so I switched that off, I dived head first into my masculine energy, strong, driven and fast thinking, but what I realised is that by suppressing my feminine I supressed the soul of me, I pushed when I should have waited, I moved quickly when I should have slowed down and I fought when I should have healed. I rejected half of me, and took it to the extreme, and by doing that I disconnected from the truth of who I was.

So living in either energy isn't an issue its all about balance, and when we reject one completely are ashamed of it or force it out of others then that's when the problems arise. Earth and all her beautiful creatures are both masculine and feminine, both have their importance on this planet and without either we and the rest of the planet wouldn't be here, so lets allow the feminine to come up and meet the masculine, for the balance to be reinstated and lets see what beauty sits in the balance.

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