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I’ve had a few conversations today with friends all revolving around balance, life balance. After the madness of December and the slow down of the festivities a realisation that life had got out of balance and the important stuff to them had been lost.

It’s so easy to let go of the things that keep us sane, that keep us grounded and happy when we feel pressured to keep up with work or what others expectations of ourselves are, especially as women it’s very easy to give more than we take, to say yes more than no and to feel like we’re failing if we don’t do everything.

Ultimately we end up empty, exhausted, rung out and then our relationships suffer, our health expires and we are broken.

I think personally maintaining a healthy balance in life is one of the hardest things to do, it takes thought, effort and self love to say no to things that don’t serve us and a constant awareness of what we’re committing to and the decisions we make.

Balance can unravel so quickly that before we no it we neck deep in someone else’s life and the easiest thing to do is to continue along that path rather than try and pull ourselves back.

To maintain balance, to say no, to give yourself time is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of HUGE strength, it’s not a sign of selfishness it’s a sign of SELF LOVE and it’s not a sign of uncaring, it’s a sign of deep love and caring for the ones around you, for the want of a healthy life not just now but to be therefor your job, for the people you love, for yourself in the future too.

Gabby Bernstein says you’ve got to “do the work”, maintaining balance is a daily practice, maybe it’s repeating a mantra that reminds you on the way to work in the car, listening to an empowering podcast, getting on your yoga mat, reading a verse from a book that sings to your heart, singing a song at the top of your voice that leaves you feeling as awesome as you are, or just pausing before you answer a request and asking yourself does this serve me enough to say yes?

So to all you women who find themselves wanting balance once more, or remembering what it feels like, know you’re not alone, and you deserve to be in balance just as the next woman does.

Megs xx

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