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For any of you who are going through illness you’ll know what it feels like to need a good team behind you.

Today I was reminded of the amazing support that’s available when you really need it. I know that HG treatment is hit and miss across the NHS depending on a drs outlook and own experience of the illness, and today I was reminded at how blessed I am of having a Dr and midwife who understand and want to help. 

From the experience of just before Christmas being told I’m placing baby at risk by taking medication to help with my sickness (not my regular dr) to today where both women listened allowed me to cry and put into place a strong plan to help I couldn’t be more grateful.

If you’re needing help medically and feel your current point of contact isn’t supporting you, remember you have rights to go to a different dr, research what NICE or BMJ say about your illness, contact charities associated with your illness for advice of what your entitled to, if you can take someone with you to help back you up especially if you’re feeling horrendous. 

I’ve found that when I feel supported by a Dr who understands the fear of what’s happening is removed, it’s replaced by trust and I can then surrender to the plan. When in the past I’ve been brushed off or felt unheard the fear is raised, and then the ability to heal is diminished. 

So don’t let yourself be placed on the sidelines, do your research before you head to the drs and don’t be afraid to request a second opinion. Megs xxx 

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