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T I M E A small word for a big subject, but mostly this word has been on my mind a lot this weekend It can go so quickly yet feel like a lifetime, all in one thought and emotion When we surrender to slowing down time still seems to move, but there’s a gap between the speed and the experience, there’s a moment to take it in But the biggest thing that keeps coming up is our need to wish time away. To move onto the next thing, to draw in the next chapter without experiencing fully the current, to only look back and wish we’d had more time As I head into the later stages of this pregnancy I’m in a space of looking forward but wanting to cherish every second, I find myself thinking is this the day, but in the next breath wanting more time Discomfort causes us to want to rush, to get out of the present into the next stage, the emotional discomfort or physical causes us to try to escape into the future, but why if we allow ourselves to sit in the present and feel time, rather than want to rush it away? What is time anyway? My practice this week is about letting go of time but at the same time making sure I’m organised, not rushing but slowing even more and making the most of every breath, getting done but not at great haste and remembering that this moment will never be re-lived again This moment, this breath no matter how uncomfortable it is is all part of the tapestry of our journey and if we don’t feel it we miss a thread Monday Wild thoughts xxx

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