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Sinking into the wild ness

I spent this morning sitting with my girls, no “to do” list, (well there was one but I let that go) and we just melted into each other’s energy. Daffy stood guarding me as she has become accustomed to and apple and little more inquisitive until she settled for just breathing. As their eyes closed mine did too and the slow pure energy they exude passed through my cells too. It’s at these moments I feel so grateful, so grateful that I have learnt to slow enough that I take time for these moments, so grateful that they allow me into their precious energy and so grateful that I can full appreciate this connection. I used to think of connection as purely the connection of riding, or a nicker as I approached the stable, but I’ve learnt there’s so much deeper opportunity than that, being in a huge field with no walls or tie rings to hold them to me and them choosing to be by my side for over an hour of stillness is a honour, no need for conversation, no need for action, just stillness. This is a deep surrender to the quiet, a place I would have never gone a few years ago, a place that was full of fear stories and past hurts, but now I can sit comfortably there, just breathing with my best friends and feeling like we are one. Fully present, fully here, fully now Love and light beauties Megs xx

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