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What energy drives you?

Have you ever asked yourself what drives you? What’s the energy that causes you to do the things you do? I’ve talked before about how being busy is becoming a trend, like if you’re not busy then you’re not living life. But there’s different types of busy. I once used to be “busy” but my kinda busy was driven by the energy of deep fear, at the time I had no idea I just was in the habitual cycle of saying yes, doing more and constantly trying to please everyone, the fear that sat below that and fed that busy was a fear of not being liked, if not fitting in, and below that fear was a fear of being still, every time I was still my monkey brain would amp up to such a loud shout about how I wasn’t any good, how I needed to do more, how if I was still I was failing, of how stillness was for lazy people, the lists would run through my head of “all I had to do” and the longer I was still the more the lists were written in capital letters and underlined in neon marker. To sit in a yoga class was torture, to sit in meditation just felt like a waste of bloody time, I left my first yoga class and said “well that’s not for me” I need to be doing, I’ve got too much to do. Now busy isn’t bad, busy can be great, we all have one life and it’s good to live it, but when it’s driven by fear, or a negative emotions, or a feeling of needing to keep moving to hide from trauma or past, then busy becomes unhealthy, it becomes a risk of illness, of breaking and ultimately it becomes out of control. Every answer we give, every action we take and every choice we make is driven by an energy deep inside us, if it’s an energy of love it’s in alignment of our lives and who we truly are, if it’s an energy of fear it’s ultimately puling is away from our true paths. So what’s driving your choices, actions, answers and ultimately lives? Are you responding to the fear narrative in your head or does it come from a place of love? How do you tell? Try and not be busy, try and be still, walk slowly, sit and read for a few hours, or even sit in silence, what comes up when you do this? Then you’ll know what energy you love by. Happy Saturday everyone...let’s make it a slow Saturday xxx 

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