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Finding Alignment

When we live within our alignment life flows, things fall into place and it it’s meant to be! And yes that sounds easy, and you may think that’s too easy...but there is a hard bit, and that bit is getting into your alignment. First you have to really work out what your alignment is, then you have to be blooming honest with yourself, then you have to make the shift into your alignment which may mean quoting jobs, shedding friends, speaking truths, being brave, putting yourself out there, thinking big, owning space, letting go or moving may mean doing a bit of all that! So how do you find your alignment? I started by asking myself first what lit me up when I was a child? What were my dreams before adulting took hold? I then asked myself what and who left me feeling yuk, what made me dread the day of hung around in my energy sapping me? And then what lit me up, what got me excited? What made me look forward to the day. These questions can be hard to answer, this is where brutal honesty comes in, especially when it comes to big things in life like your job, family or friends, but this honesty and awareness is essential to coming back to your true alignment Once you answer these, and it may take you a while to get down to the nitty gritty truth, you can then start to see what you need to do to move into your flow and from there life becomes easier, but you have to be brave! 

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