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This word has popped up over and over again recently, and it gets me thinking “What’s wrong with being optimistic?” Our world seems skewed towards pessimism, everything is going to go wrong rather than it may be alright. Things like project fear are being shouted about but what really is true is we live in a world where the narrative is fear...everything is taken towards the worst case scenario. I use to be a negative nelly, always waiting for the next thing to go wrong, but then I decided to change. I was fed up of living in a state of discomfort and wanted to live in a state of ease, so I chose to see the good and enjoy my life, I chose to not get pulled in with the bad stuff and actively look for the good stuff. I became optimistic, the narrative that started to flow through my head became a positive chatter, and even when the proverbial “shit hit the fan” I chose to look for some sort of good. What are you? A glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person? And did you know you can change it if you want? Happy Saturday guys, I’m catching up with my beautiful yogi girl @kleem_artisan_ltd whose been smashing her life as a lawyer, business woman and writer for @omyogamagazine a total inspiration and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her. What are you doing to top that glass up just a bit more? Megs @equine.alchemy Xxx 

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