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....and the winds of change blew!

After a weekend of guiding women through life changing shifts the fact that I’m wrapped up in all my woollens because it’s blowing a total hooley outside is not lost on me.

I sat with these this morning and listened to the calls of the wind, this past few weeks have had some big shifts in my life, walls we’ve been banging up against have crumbled and things I could have never imagined have happened.

Some horrendous, some joyous, all shifting and shaping into a new life, a new way. Today I see one of my close friends launch a beautiful new way, I watch as her all her deep delving, her towers crumbling and her journey back to who she really is briths into something incredible.

We’re all on a journey, reminded that it’s never always rainbows and sunshine, sometimes the winds have to rattle through us to clear out the old, sometimes we have to ride the storms.


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