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Do you easily blame others for your feelings?

We had a conversation this week about being triggered. And what that really means, when initially it was easy to blame the other person to say “they had made me feel like this” when we looked at it deeper all that was happening was that person was mirroring and shining a light on our own internal experience. This is where the discomfort came from, our own self and not what the other person was doing.

When I’m triggered by an external person I know really it’s coming from within, it’s nothing to do with that person and it’s ALL to do with my own stories, dreams, needs and healing.

For example if you scroll your feed and are jealous of another, that’s probably telling you that deep down you desire something that they are doing? You desire to also write a book, or go travelling more, or break our of your mould and do something different.

Negative emotions are massive sign posts to what we really want within, so next time you start to look outwards remember it all starts from you, it all starts within.

Megs xoxo


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