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How to make bumps your friends

You've probably had a lot of bumps in your life, things that have been small inconveniences to large massive seat ejector bumps that have thrown you off the path you were travelling on and caused you have to rethink your whole journey.

These can come in forms of illness through to job changes and everything in between.

Right now you may currently have experienced one pretty recently. And the age old saying these things always happen for a reason probably doesn't help you find any solace in whats happening right now.

So I'm going to avoid saying that to you and ask for you to take a moment to not focus n the exact present bump that you are trying to find your way over, around or maybe even avoid at all cost from hitting! I'm going to ask you to find previous bumps that you have experienced, previous knock backs, previous upsets, previous spells of illness and all the other times that you have had to find a 'new way'.

When you look back at those moments make a choice not to look for things that you initially find hard to focus on, but, look for things that those bumps brought into your life, or maybe caused you to have to say goodbye to but by doing so allowed you some time to do something else, or meet someone else.

I know when I start to look at my waves of illness, my times where I've had to at the time make gut wrenching decisions, that as i look back now I find what I actually gained from that is a new friend, a new career, a new purpose I could go on.

I could easily focus on the things I had to change, loose or could/can no longer do. I could easily sit in fear of any bump ahead because the same may happen again. But instead I choose to look for and see the beauty that I have been gifted.

In becoming ill I am forced to slow, and I have discovered that in the slow movement I see so much more beauty in life, yes I can't live a life gallivanting around the world, but actually do i really want that? As a youngster with no other experience I would have said yes, I wanted to compete horses all of the country and never stop, but now I've experienced the other side, the slow world of being present I can honestly say I have been given a gift.

In becoming ill I had to change my career, sell my business, leave a life that I had built up for 15 years and start again, but that gift of being able to start again has given me a new purpose, it has given me new ways to live, I can be far more present for my family, I can do a job and be a full time mum, I can be a mum! These are all things I would have sacrificed if I'd have continued doing the career that i had lined out for myself.

The biggest thing is I now am no longer in fear of being ill again, I know that it may mean in that moment I have to change the path I'm on, what I had planned may have to be placed on hold or binned, but i also know that beauty will come out the other side. That I will be living an even more connected life afterwards with even more purpose than i am now.

I know that every bump is my friend, every bump is sent to me to redirect me back onto the path that I am meant to walk rather than the path I should be walking.

From relationships I've let go, or been dumped from, to horses I've loved and had to say goodbye to through to businesses that I've walked away from, at that moment it was hard, I had to allow myself to feel it all, but what I've learnt from it is the one emotion I don't have to get absorbed in is fear, I can feel sad, I can grieve, I can be angry but I don't need to be in fear of it all not turning out ok.

Because the beauty of bumps is they can be our friends more than our enemy and when we embrace them in all their beauty and madness we can find our way to our truth.


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