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What Now

As this week ends and we all know news changes how do we keep showing up, ask ourselves how often have we said we’d do something; but it slowly drifted into the background of life?

For the women out there who actively advocate change for women, for the environmentalists out there who work day in day out for our planet, this is what we need to do for racism too, it’s not enough to just put a black square up and move on, just like it’s not enough to put a # up on any other day and then not think about it for a year.

As yoginis we are consciously and energetically connected to every soul on this earth, this is where we do the work, through using our voice, our minds and our power.

That power we’ve been working so hard to step into, that power is now needed on so many different levels.

It’s time to show up, day after day, to look clearly at our life through 2020 vision and notice all the areas we bypass because it’s easy and now start to say, what can I do for change?

You may think “but I’m busy working on my own shit”, I promise you, by doing this by asking these questions of yourself and not following the trends you WILL be working on your own shit, you WILL be finding your truth and that voice inside of you that speaks your truth, you WILL be going “against” the structures of society and filling the gaps that you left when you lost yourself all those years ago.

By actively choosing to do, say and be the person you believe you are, by standing up for the people that need you, by eating the foods you feel are ethical, by saying NO when everyone else says yes but you know in your gut and heart that NO is the right answer, by reading the books that aren’t no 1 best sellers but are teaching you something, by watching the documentaries when everyone else wants to watch some mindless crap, by getting on your mat and grounding yourself every day, by praying for every being on this earth, and by doing YOUR work.

You will not only sort out your own shit, but you will raise the vibration of others too, unravelling, awakening is never rainbows and sunshine, it’s hard messy work, but when we commit to it, IT BECOMES WORTH EVERY MOMENT xxx


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