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Where you focus goes your energy flows

In times like these its easy to become focused on the negative, to talk about the bad things that are happening and to allow our energy to get drawn into the void of the unknown.

But the universe is an energy force that causes all energies to be drawn towards each other. When we focus on something so intently we start to manifest it, this is in the thoughts that we have, through to the words that we speak, the things we listen to through to the stuff we read. Everything is energy and as we start to allow a certain type of energy to build it will naturally draw the same kind of energy towards it.

In times like these we have to do the work to check in with what kind of energy we are vibrating on, are we constantly fuelling the fire of fear or are we actively deciding to focus on the things that make us feel better, that allow us to lift our vibration and fuel our greater light?

When I started to realise this I started to actively look for when the universe caught me, when the universe had my back, I make a conscious effort to really acknowledge this and tune into that vibration. It can be times like when you get back from your daily exercise just as the sky opens and it pours, to when you turn on the radio or scroll your insta feed and read or hear something when you really needed it. All these a small moments we could easily write off as coincidences or we could acknowledge them as us being held by a greater energy.

This greater energy to me is universe, some of you may call it god, or grace or spirit. Whatever you call it, when we start to tune into it, we start to notice the beauty that it holds. Even when there's utterly shit things happening, there are still small moments of beauty and its at these times that we need to do the work to really notice them and appreciate them. In doing this the universe will send more our way, as it understands that what we want.

Our narrative that we move through life with is also key in attracting the energy that helps us to thrive, from saying things like "I don't want to get ill" to actively talking non stop about it. You may think saying "I don't want to......" is a positive narrative, but in reality its still focusing on the negative and living in fear. Rather than saying that changing your language to "I am strong and healthy and want to stay well" is much more aligning with the positive energy.

Also focusing on how to stay healthy or be healthier is far more positive that focusing on not getting ill. These are very simple changes of mindset and language but they change the whole energy of your vibration and therefore align you much more with positive vibes.

As we and our family start to notice where we're focusing our energy and we're able to make that shift we will notice that we feel different about our situation, yes we cannot totally control whats happening, but we can control how we interact with it. And if we start to actively focus on where we're being supported we can bring more of that good energy into our lives.

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading positive meditations to help raise our vibrations and offering talks to help us connect at this higher level and feel our higher energy working.


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